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Certified Organic, Certified Free trade.  Best quality shea butter money can buy. Nilotica shea butter


treat conditions like eczema and severe dry skin, while nourishing aged and damaged skin to return that vibrancy you thought was gone for good.

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Organic unrefined Shea Butter works wonders on your hair- from Sans Pareil Naturals


Dip your fingers in and massage our natural, unrefined shea butter into your hair to restore that lost luster and revitalize those depleted ends.

It’s the perfect solution for deep conditioning as well as fortifies for fuller, healthier hair.

Sans Pareil Organic Shea Butter also works wonders on your scalp – eliminating dryness and irritation and working around the clock to repair damage that sun, cold, and chemical styling products can do to this sensitive area.

Certified Organic , Unrefined, Shea Butter DYI recipes to make different body and skincare products - from Sans Pareil

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Organic Shea Butter source.  Uganda Africa.  Certified Fair trade.

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