Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Personal Growth

Healthy Mind, Body and personal growth.


We live in a hectic world. It seems everyone is juggling family, work, school, and any number of other things. It’s hard to find time to catch your breath amid all the hustle and bustle. If your life is a series of running from one task to the next, then it’s time you stopped and practiced a little self-care.

Unfortunately, that is the one thing that most people find extremely difficult to do.

Self-care is so important and one of the most underdeveloped, neglected habits and that can lead to burnout, depression, anxiety, and stress related conditions. Whether you are a student, parent, caregiver, or professional, you need to take time out of each day to be good to yourself.


 Table of Contents 

  1. Why do we have such a hard time taking care of ourselves?
  2. Why self-care is important
  3. 6 self-care strategies you can start today
    1. Practice Gratitude
    2. Journaling
    3. Exercise Regularly
    4. Eat Healthy
    5. Practice Meditation
    6. Spend time with the people you love


Why do we have such a hard time taking care of ourselves?

The main reason that self-care is so difficult to work into our schedule is time. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of your to do list, much less take care of yourself. By the time you fall into bed at night, doing something good for yourself, besides falling asleep, is out of the question. Chances are, even your sleep is cut short.

While lack of time is certainly a significant factor, there’s another, deeper issue here – guilt. Many people feel that taking some time for themselves is indulgent, even selfish. This is a skewed way of thinking, but all too common. Most people do not want to be self-centered, selfish, or even narcissistic or appear that way to others so they go to great lengths to avoid that perception.

The problem with that is, they eventually burn out.

Know this. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be any good for anyone or anything else in your life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with self-love and carving out some time for yourself is healthy and necessary.

Why self-care is important.

When you run and run and run with no down time you can become emotionally and physically depleted. You may not even realize it, but if you pay attention you can see the signs. Stress can wreak havoc on your body and mind, leading to depression, anxiety, exhaustion, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and many other conditions. The most important consequence of constant stress with no downtime though, is that you are so torn between all your tasks, you can’t be fully present for the important things in your life. That means you miss out on a lot.

When you take care of yourself and take time for yourself, you will be healthier and happier. At least one study has shown that people who engage in self-care experience a higher quality of life and less stress.



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6 self-care strategies you can start today.

Self-care is very personal and what is good and relaxing for one person may be stressful for another. There are so many things that you can do, but an exhaustive list can be overwhelming, especially to someone who is already over extended. Here are six simple things you can start doing today, right now. From there, you can find other ways to be good to yourself.

Practice Gratitude

There is something to be said for being thankful for things in your life. In fact, a University of California San Diego School of Medicine study found that people who practiced being grateful had less inflammation and better heart health. Other studies have found that it can lower blood pressure, make you sleep better, and increase your immunity against disease.

People who are thankful are generally happier and healthier, so how do you get started? Keeping a gratitude journal is a very effective way to make gratefulness a natural, everyday part of your life. Simply write down the things you are grateful for, keeping them in a notebook, journal, or on your computer/digital device. Make sure that you not only write in your book but read the entries as well so you can solidify the feelings of gratefulness in your life and they become natural.

Keep a Journal

Journaling is a great way to process emotions and events. When you take some time to write down things you are thinking and feeling it can help you sort out issues that are troubling you or work out anxieties and worries. Even if you never read your entries again, you can just spill all your feelings down on that piece of paper – or computer screen. Whether you type it all out or go old school with a pen and paper, you’ll feel better once you get it all out.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is an absolute must for self-care. Even just a half hour four or five times a week can make a difference. However, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has created a 7 minute workout that is scientifically proven to be effective. That way you have more time to do other things that are good for you.

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is vital if you want a healthy body. It is a way of being good to yourself that has positive, long lasting effects. When you are running from task to task all day it might be tempting to grab some fast food or skip meals altogether, but you owe it to yourself to take the time to eat at least three times a day and make sure you are consuming food that is good for you which means lean meats, whole grains, and fresh vegetables.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is a practice that has been used for centuries to promote better physical and mental health. There are different types of meditation from focused breathing to guided imagery to mindfulness. You may have to experiment with several before you find a practice that works well for you. Once you do though, make sure that you take time each day to get your “ohms” in.

Spend time with the people you love.

Humans are meant to be with other humans. It is what makes us thrive and grow. No one is intended to be in total isolation all the time. Spending time with family and friends can be very relaxing, make you happier, and keep stress at bay. Have lunch with a friend, visit a family member, and don’t forego date night. Make sure that you nurture the personal connections in your life.

You deserve to take care of yourself. It is not selfish or indulgent. It is necessary and healthy. When you stop caring for yourself you are undermining all of your efforts in all the other areas of your life. You can’t put yourself last and expect to do your best. You need to relax and recharge. It is in your best interest to take it.


Download your FREE Gratitude Journal - With FREE Guided Support through your first SEVEN days, where you'll see immediate changes. 

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