Is It REALLY All-Natural Skincare?

The Truth about all natural plant based skin care products
There’s been a lot of hype about a “back to basics” approach to skin care lately. Buzzwords like “organic,” “plant-based,” and “all-natural” adorn the labels of a number of products on store shelves these days. People clamor for pure ingredients in what they put on their bodies while moving away from chemicals and words they can’t even pronounce.

What does it all mean though? Is natural really better? What regulations are in place to govern the claims that skin care companies are allowed to make?

Is natural really natural?

The truth is not very straightforward. That natural skin care market is filled with twists and turns and, honestly, not everyone is on the up and up.

But we’re about to sort it out for you.

 Table of Contents 

  1. All-natural, plant-based skin care: Fad or Fixture?
  2. The move away from chemicals in our skin care products
  3. How some companies can falsely claim to have natural products (and get away with it)
  4. We defined our own high standards so you can feel good about using our products
  5. Learn More

All-natural, plant-based skin care: Fad or Fixture?

Natural skin care has always had a place in the world. Many Asian cultures use all-natural ingredients in their skin care for centuries. In the Western world, the attraction to these types of products has waxed and waned over the years. For instance, witch hazel has been used for decades as an antiseptic and egg whites have long been used for skin and hair.

As public awareness has grown and people have learned more about the companies behind the products they are using, there has been a gradual moving away from synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Today, people are more aware of what they are putting in and, on their bodies, – and they understand the implications. Hot topics like animal testing, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic have brought to the forefront a need to not only seek out but demand, products that are all-natural and are backed by ethical companies.

When you consider the traction that all-natural, plant-based skin care has gotten in the past few years, it is pretty safe to say that this is definitely not a passing fancy. Pure, clean, and natural products are here to stay.

The move away from chemicals in our skin care products

So, what has prompted this renewed adoration for all-natural skin care products? Basically, it boils down to the fact that most people don’t like chemicals – and many are afraid of them. Who could blame them though? They have legitimate concerns about dangerous chemicals like phthalates and BPA in products. There are legal cases like the Johnson & Johnson legal case concerning their talc and its apparent link to ovarian cancer as well as the hair care company Wen and their multi-million class action suitbecause one of their products caused hair loss. These are just two pretty substantial reasons why people are moving away from chemicals and with good reason.

The truth is consumers have a right to be concerned about what’s in their skin care products. What many people don’t realize is that the beauty industry is largely unregulated. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has minimal oversight at best. In fact, the laws regulating cosmetics in the United States have not had any significant updates since 1938.

Let that sink in...


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How some companies can falsely claim to have natural products (and get away with it)

There are many companies out there that claim to be “natural” but in reality, they are not natural at all. Many of their products still contain non-plant based, synthetic chemicals.

So how do they get away with it?

The answer is frighteningly simple. The get away with it because there is a gross lack of regulation in the beauty industry.

They get away with it because no one is looking over their shoulder, checking to make sure they are being honest and ethical.

When there is no one guarding the hen house the foxes will have a field day. Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry is the hen house and there are a lot of foxes out there taking advantage of the lack of oversight.

And you, the consumer, pay the price.

Anyone can slap a pretty, flowery label on a bottle and claim it is all-natural, but that doesn’t mean that it is true. Putting the word “natural” on the label doesn’t mean that it is free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

That is why it is so important to find ethical companies with high standards, companies that you can trust.

We defined our own high standards so you can feel good about using our products

At Sans Pareil Naturals we recognized long ago that the cosmetic industry does not have strong enough regulations. There are too many opportunities for unethical companies to take advantage of consumer trust.

So, we decided to do something about it.


Eco cert cosmos organic certification

While we can’t change the entire industry, we can change our little corner of the market. We defined our own high standards and pride ourselves at how we stringently adhere to them. Specifically, we have ensured that our standards align with the EcoCert standards. This means that each of our products, as well as our company, meets some pretty stringent criteria, such as:


  1. We strive to use all natural resources responsibly
  2. Our products do not contain phenoxyethanol, parabens, synthetic colorants, or perfumes.
  3. All products are non-GMO
  4. Our processes and production are all environmentally friendly
  5. We do not include any petrochemical ingredient in any of our products, with the exception being if it is an authorized preservative.
  6. We support and develop the concept of green chemicals that have less of an impact on the environment.
  7. We support and embrace biodiversity
  8. All of our processes and production respect human health



Download your FREE Checklist to make sure the products in your cabinets are SAFE TODAY!



Because of this, you can be confident that every time you buy one of our products what you are purchasing is truly all-natural and plant based. Our products are minimally processed so you can trust what you are putting on your body is clean and doesn’t have all the chemicals and bad stuff you don’t want next to your skin.

We rigorously test our products to ensure that they are effective and will enhance your healthy lifestyle. We don’t test on animals and all of our products are safe for the environment. We adhere to a policy of complete transparency, so when you read one of our labels you will see exactly what in inside that jar, tube, or bottle, nothing more, nothing less.

When we say all natural, plant based, we mean it.

Isn’t it about time you had skin care that was truly natural? Don’t you want to pick up a product, read the ingredients and know exactly what you are getting?

At Sans Pareil Naturals you can have that. It is our promise to you. Not only do you get great skin care products that actually work, you get a company you can rely on and a name you can trust. See for yourself how beautiful natural can be.


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